Work packages

The project partners have developed a concrete implementation methodology that best fits to the objectives of the EasyTrip project. It contains collaboration and networking between all partners, located strategically to the poles of intervention, as well as technological and dissemination activities that will allow the promotion, follow-up and wide dissemination of the project’s outcomes. EasyTrip is implemented within 5 work packages, as described next:

  • WP 1: Management and coordination

The first WP includes all the activities that will be carried out for the management and coordination of the project. It entails administrative and financial management, technical quality control and communication with the program authority. The WP is horizontal and runs throughout the lifetime of the project.

Action 1.1: Preparation activities

Action 1.2: Technical project Management

Action 1.3: Financial project management

  • WP 2: Information and publicity

The second WP includes all the dissemination, communication, promotion and networking activities that will enable the wide dissemination of the project and the capitalization of its results. It includes the organization of three regional workshops for the communication and cooperation between the partners and all related stakeholders, an international final event, the establishment of a project website, as well as the production and distribution of promotion material. The WP is horizontal and runs throughout the lifetime of the project.

Action 2.1: Project Website

Action 2.2: Dissemination material

Action 2.3: Regional conferences, final project event and promotion

  • WP 3: Users mobilization and services specification

The third WP, which comprises the core components and activities of the project, deals with the identification and analysis of the users’ needs under the sustainable and green mobility and accessibility sector, so as to provide the adequate services to improve the accessibility of persons supporting cross-border traffic and visitors in their trips to/from major poles of attraction. It includes the specification of the services, the collection of the appropriate supporting data and the implementation of the EasyTrip e-mobility services.

Action 3.1: User awareness and services specification

Action 3.2: E-mobility services provisioning

  • WP 4: Pilots testing

The fourth WP includes the first (pilot) and final system tests, evaluating both the services’ performance and the users’ acceptance in order to assess and improve the developed services. This WP uses the outputs of WP3.

Action 4.1: Pilots testing

Action 4.2: First and second level system testing and assessment

  • WP 5: Users community building measures and services’ expansion

The final WP includes the main actions for the sustainability of the services operation. Business plans will be elaborated, combined with sustainability and services uptake analyses and recommendations for local policies integrating the system to be developed and resulting to the capitalization of the projects results with direct benefits to many organizations such as Municipal, Regional and Government authorities and also private businesses. This WP will use the results of WP3 and WP4.

Action 5.1: Business plans and sustainability and services uptake analyses

Action 5.2: Sustainable and services uptake analyses

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