4th Project Meeting

4th Project Meeting
4th Project Meeting

On Friday July 5th, 2013, the Municipality of Thermi successfully organized the 4th project
meeting of the “Easytrip: GR-BG E-mobility solutions” project in the framework of the
European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013”. The meeting
took place at Polis Convention Centre, Thermi, in Greece.
The 4th project meeting was attended by representatives of the Lead Partner, the Hellenic
Institute of Transport (HIT) and representatives of all project partners as well as the
subcontractors that have undertaken part of the project work.
The aims of the meeting were to:
1. Present the draft EasyTrip: GR-BG E-mobility solutions services and
2. Discuss Project Progress and next steps regarding:
a. Progress of data collection and update
b. Equipment purchase and installation procedures
c. User acceptance surveys (methodology, questionnaire, timeplan)
d. Business plans, sustainability and services uptake analysis and generic
recommendations for local policies support
e. Information and Publicity activities
f. Third EasyTrip Workshop in Kavala

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