EasyTrip is a crossborder project financed by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013”. It aims to improve crossborder accessibility between the regions of action through the development of a web-based tool which will offer e-mobility services by using advanced ICT technologies that will spread the information to all travelers using channels easily reachable from everyone (mobile phone applications, internet, VMS).

EasyTrip services will address the needs of road users, tourists and relevant authorities. The main target is to enhance sustainable and green mobility at trip ends, to improve road safety, to promote all areas of intervention supporting their economies and development giving also equal opportunities and fair competition and to minimize environmental impacts of traffic in the crossborder area.

The locations of activities of Easy Trip are: Region of Central Macedonia (CERTH, Hellenic Institute of Transport, CPERI, Chemical Process and Energy resources Institute and  Municipalities of Thessaloniki, Thermi, Serres), Region of Eastern Macedonia–Thrace (Municipality of Kavala), Province of Blagoevgrad (Bansko) and Province of Kardzhali (Krumovgrad).

The EasyTrip e-mobility services will be provided in the form of user-friendly, personalized web services and mobile applications for pre-trip and en-route planning and information. The services will be provided in Greek, Bulgarian and English, so as to enable a smooth and convenient flow of information and service provision to all travelers, despite the language used locally. In addition, small scale infrastructures, in the form of Variable Message Signs and Info Touch Screens, will be installed at all participating sites so as to inform travelers, in addition to the information provided to them by the e-mobility services.

The final outputs will be the following EasyTrip e-services for travelers: advanced traveler information, detailed information provision for trip ends, traffic and parking information, tourist-related information and points of interest (POIs), public transport and taxis information, road safety information, environment and weather information, on-demand transport services.


Project acronym: EASYTRIP

European Territorial Cooperation Programme  “Greece – Boulgaria” 2007-2013

Priority Axis: Accessibility

Area of Intervention:  Improvement of Cross Border Facilities

Total Budget: 1.011.025€

Coordinator:  Hellenic Institute of Transport, CERTH

Project Duration: 24 months

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